Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Wood Is Back

Well after much time off I've finally decided to get back to my blog. I'd been thinking about it for a while, mostly to try and make myself a little more accountable for my mileage. If I stick to this blog then I'll have to tell you all about my lazy 0's, which is embarrassing, so hopefully there will be less of them.

Basically you haven't missed much, I've had some good races I've had some bad races, I've had some good and bad training. I'm pretty much just gonna start from now, but one of my goals is to have more pictures on here so here's a couple from the last year.
This was my first Cani-X race at the Pineland Farms Trail Festival. Tucker and I started out in just about last after he knocked an old lady over and got himself wrapped around a pole in the starting corral. After our crazy start we hauled for a k at probably close to 3:00 to catch the leaders, after another hard K to get away from everyone Tucker and I were able to enjoy our first race together. Tuck, even stopped to take a poop!
This is my sweet new dirtbike! This was pretty much my running downfall this summer, but it was so much fun. I can not wait to get back on it this spring.

Here's Tuck and I back in action at the Gunstock dog friendly race. We had to start two minutes behind the non-dog runners and still managed to be first across the line!

This is nearing the top of Mt. Roberts at the Roaring Falls Trail Race at Castle in the Clouds.
This shot is the finish, I was dead after running scared from the top of Mt. Roberts to the finish. Probably 9-10 miles of pushing to hold third place, knowing there was a pack of 4 not far behind waiting to eat me up if I fell apart.

After Castle in the Clouds I didn't do too much, besides run Mill Cities Relays and help GCS crush the Co-Ed Open division by like 8 or 9 minutes. That was mostly due to a fast 10 miles from Nacho Hernando though really. It was a fun year, not as much training as I needed to do, but I ran pretty decently considering and had a lot of fun.

Here's hoping I stick to the blog, and that you guys can help hold me accountable for getting some training in. Don't be afraid to call me out when you see those 0's piling up!




  1. I am waiting for the next update! I was in the same boat and ready to jump back in to the blog myself!

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  3. new blog post for the new year? going to whitaker woods?