Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Training Week Ending 8/26

Monday- 7 miles easy on sweet trail.

Tuesday- 5 miles at 4:00 pm + 7 miles at 6:00 pm. I know it's not much space between runs, I was just trying to squeeze in some miles after work before we headed out to meet some friends for the second run.

Wednesday- hard 9 miles 56:09. I did 6 sets of 3 minutes hard 2 minutes off and 6 sets of one minute on and one minute off. Really tough run, the 3 minute blocks were too long to focus through and really get a good effort in for the whole time. It went ok though.

Thursday- 11 miles on the Liberty Hill trails. Really hot today. I wore a shirt to hold off the bugs, but they just focused on the back of my neck instead of my back! I guess that's what mullets are for.

Friday- 6 miles easy running around the weirs loop with Abbey. Felt good.

Saturday- Gilford Old Home Day 5k- 1st 17:15 8 miles total

This race is in the town over for me and it's taken me 10 years and 6 tries at it to finally get the win. in 2002 I was 3rd in 17:46. In 2003 I ran 17:35 for 4th. 2004 I was 16:50 for 2nd. 2006 I was 17:35 for 7th. 2009 I was 16:26 for 2nd and this year finally I was 17:15 for the win.

I had been feeling crappy all week and was just kinda hoping I'd be able to run a decent race. I got warmed up and felt a little sluggish but figured I'd be alright anyway.  I got out and felt out the pace for about 400 meters before I started getting going. I tried to take it as comfortable as possible but I had Ryan Lafrance on my tail through the first mile. The second mile I just tried to maintain my pace and pull away from Ryan. I built up a comfortable gap and then just put it into cruise control. I was able to do this through the last half mile when I tried to tell myself to focus on the time a bit. I'm glad I did because the second place guy apparently was coming on strong and ended up finishing just 7 seconds back.

Sunday- 6 miles easy doing the weirs loop. Felt pretty crappy. Jumped in the lake halfway through.

Week Total: 59 miles. This was week 1 of a 10 week build up towards a possible Cape Cod marathon. We will see how the next 4 or 5 weeks go and I'll make a call on it. We'll see how it goes, I felt good getting an easy win in even after my poor work out on Wednesday.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gettin back at it

Monday- 5 easy some- some strides.

Tuesday- 4 miles easy, tried exploring a new trail that ended up ending. I bushwacked through to the audubon trails  and took those back to my road and home. took about an hour with the bushwack, which was making us late for getting out to run with our tuesday run group at 6 which was meeting in Bristol. We made it there right at 6pm and were good to go for another 7.5 miles on trails and dirt road. Nice run.

Wednesday- easy 5 miles going around the lake from Irwins while I got my inspection.

Thursday- Cigna 5k- 16:53 who cares what place. 9 mi total

I was excited for this race, I ran well here last year and thought it was worth another shot. After getting my bib, and going to the bathroom I went out for a warm up with Neal Graves and Scott and Colby Clark. Felt good. Went and got my flats, and got over to the line, only got one stride in beIfore they made us line up. I got out fine, a little over my head, and told myself to roll with it. went through the mile around 5:12 or so and tried to focus on keeping the gas on through the second mile. I started feeling the pace around a mile and half and then made it through 2 miles around 10:33 I thought I started having a tough time right after that. I felt myself falling off, I worked my way up to try and stick behind George Adams until I felt him starting to fall back too, I tried to go around him and keep pushing but wasn't getting very far. I held it together until the hill at the finish, but just ran like shit in those last 250 meters. A little pissed off about the bad race, but It was my second fastest 5k of the year, and I've run worse on easier courses, so the hell with it not bad. Ran the course again for a cool down and then grabbed a pizza before heading home. In the bar they made us watch Pre-Season patriots instead of Rudisha's world record race.

Friday- 0

Saturday- 15 with Scott Clark in Gilmanton. Good run, easy first half lots of climbing in the second half of the run. My legs have been killing me ever since i got home.

Sunday- Easy 9 with Abbey out in Sanbornton. Hot and humid, but a good run. Lots of stopping for cars with Tucker.

Week Total: 54 miles. This was a better week, I'm gonna keep building from here.