Monday, April 29, 2013

Training Week Ending 4/28

Monday- I ran an easy 6 miles with Tucker in Hamlin Forest. Nice run.

Tuesday- Easy 9 with Abbey. Ran some trails on Governors Island, fun run, a little slow in spots.

Wednesday- easy 4 miles over at Ahern Park. I meant to run more, but the park was really crowded with families on spring break, and Tucker is just too much of a barker for all the little kids that were around.

Thursday- I did a 9 mile fartlek with Abbey. 7x3:00 hard 1:00 recovery. Good work out. I tried to make the 3:00 minutes hurt.

Friday- Easy 3 miles with Yannick and Abbey.

Saturday- Easy 4 miles with Abbey.

Sunday- 14 mile long run. nice and slow, but a solid run.

Week total- 49 miles. Another solid week of running. I just gotta keep doing these for a while and I'll start making some progress.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Just Running.

Monday-4 miles. Ran easy before the marathon. Could have gotten more if i'd gotten started earlier.

Tuesday-9 miles. Was planning on running 3x3 miles with 800 rest with Abbey, but wound up skipping the middle interval to run over and use the bathroom at the park. We went 19:31 for the first repeat and then Abbey got in a 19:28 by herself and I caught back up with her for the last set in 19:45. This was a Good work out for Abbey, probably one of her best of this build up so far.

Wednesday- Easy 5 miles with tucker at prescott farm. Field loops. Prescott farm is about a mile up the road from me so it's a nice place to go with Tucker to run him off leash but the field loop is only about 1000 meters long and just runs a mowed perimeter loop of the field. In the summer the grass grows up like 4 feet tall on either side of the trail and it has some gradual slopes, but for the most part it's pretty boring. After 3 or 4 laps even Tucker starts trying to run back to the car after each loop. 8 laps was pretty good. I wanna try and see how many laps I can build upto though. When I was out there, I knew I needed a rest day, but I kept thinking about trying to get in 10 miles on that loop sometime this summer. Not because it would be a good work out or anything, but just because I think it would be a good mental challenge to just do that over and over again for an hour plus.

Thursday- easy 4 AM, Easy 3 PM Nice easy runs. Ran with my neighbor for the afternoon run, his knee is feeling better, but he was happy to hear I was only planning 3 miles.

Friday- Ran Delta Dental 5k ran about 2 miles warm up and then ran a horrible race. Not sure what my problem was, I might have opened my first 800 too fast, but was through the mile in 5:40, Then about a half mile later Abbey passed me. My legs just felt like crap. I tried to go with Abbey for the next half mile but at about 2 miles later I just gave up and let her go. I jogged it in for a 19:12, pretty embarassing. I ran a mile cool down and then went home and cried. 6 miles total.

Saturday- 13 miles at 6 AM. Scott's Idea to get miles in while still fatigued from the 5k 12 hours ago. It worked, I was wrecked afterwards.

Sunday- Red's Road race. I had originally planned on trying to race this kinda hard, but after fridays poor effort I decided to just get a good stimulus with the long run yesterday instead and I think it was the right thing to do. I still went down to run because the organization I work for is one of the beneficiaries of the race. I reall had a lot of fun going and just taking it easy. It was kinda fun to just relax and enjoy the course. I went out around 6:13 6:30 7:00 around half way through the 3rd mile I was caught by a friend who was having a great race so I picked it up and cruised with him until about 4 miles when he dropped me on the downhill and I just relaxed and ran in easy with Abbey (who was waiting out on the course) and Carolyn Durfee who I ran with in High School. 8 miles total.

Week Total- 52 miles! Nice big jump, and my first week of what I consider to be decent training! Feels good.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week Ending April 14th

Monday- Went out to check out the trails at Liberty Hill today, There was still a lot of snow out there, but most of it was hard pack, and pretty decent for running on. On the hills it was so slick I had to run off the trail in order to get up the hill. Where it wasn't snow it was mud! It was a pretty fun run, and felt good to get muddy and get back out on my old stomping grounds.

Tuesday- Fartlek with Abbey. 7x3 minutes hard/ 1 min off. I was feeling some shin splints during the last couple miles, which is pretty normal as I get back in shape. Usually I just walk backwards up a hill after my runs until they stop bugging me. It usually takes about 3 days and they go away. 7 total.

Wednesday- 2 miles, went up to Prescott Farm with Tucker, got half way through one woods loop and just started feeling like crap, I got through the loop and decided to just call it a day and went home.

Thursday- easy 5 miles, The shin splints were still really bugging me. More backward hills.

Friday- 0 snowstorm? what?

Saturday- Easy 9 miles. Shins are better now.

Sunday- easy 6 miles. Meant to run more this day, but we cut the run a little shorter than we wanted when abbey's hamstring started acting up.

Week Total- 35 miles. I have to start doing a bit more miles now. I've done mid 30's for the past few weeks and it's time to make another good jump. This next week I'll try to be around 40-45.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week Ending 4/7- Getting hit by a CARS series

Monday- Snowboarding, probably the last day of the season.

Tuesday-1 mile warm up then a Hard 5 miles with Abbey. 33:20. We were hoping to be a little faster but it was really windy out. Abbey toughed out another hard 5 after that. She is a Machine. I played it "safe" and only did one loop, but I think I could have done the second one with her. I felt pretty good.

Wednesday- 0 day off, it was cold and windy out I wussed out.

Thursday- Easy 6 with Abbey and our neighbor Yannick. Fun run with Yannick for his first run since I don't know when. He's not a runner though. He wanted us to take him out for a run and wasn't happy with just going 1 or 2 miles to start. He said he knew the loop and if he couldn't keep up he'd just let us go and walk if he needed to. So we ran and he managed to not walk for the whole loop, even a brutal quarter mile hill just before a mile to go. I was impressed.

Friday- Easy 3 miles before SEA race.

Saturday-5k Race, 18:26 I think? I don't really care to look at the results, you can say 18:30 to be safe. I was hoping to take off a bit more than that this week. I really thought I'd be sub 18. I guess it takes time. Hopefully I can make up some ground over the next couple weeks though. I'm currently in 8th place for CARS and need to gain some major fitness if I'm going to have a chance of scoring this year. I've already used my two throw away races and need to start making some points from here on out.

Sunday- Easy 10 miles after a day of snowboarding. Felt good to get it done, but I was crawling at some points. My legs were toast. At least it was nice and sunny out!

Week Total: 33 miles. a decent week for coming back from an injury, but I should have run on that wednesday that I whimped out cause of the wind.

Monday, April 1, 2013

All Healed Up!

I went to the doctors Monday, and got an x ray to make sure everything was healing well, and the fractures have healed up nicely. The two compressed vertebrae aren't going to go back to their normal shape, but they are healed up and now look to be solid bone on the x ray.

It was good to SEE that it has healed, and with that news I went out for a 7 mile "long run" when I got home. Everything felt good, except for the fact, that I am totally out of shape, and came in just under 8 minute pace with multiple stretching breaks. At least I got it done with out any back pain or anything stupid like that.

Monday- 7 mile, Funspot loop slow.

Tuesday- First workout of 2013! 4x800 hills 3:22, 3:23, 3:33, 3:23. I was starting each one with Abbey and then just pulling away from her over the hill. First time working out on this hill, maybe it was a bit long. I'm honestly happy I just stayed in front of Abbey. It will be all I can do to beat her at Gilmanton saturday. 7.5 total.

Wednesday- Long walk, day off.

Thursday- Easy 8 miles with Abbey. I had to stop and stretch a few times.

Friday- Easy 4 with Abbey.

Saturday- Gilmanton Road Race. 12th place, 19:29! Ouch. Slow slow time, but then I've never even broken 18:00 on this course even fit. For 2 weeks of running I'll take it. I took it pretty conservatively trying not to put myself in the hurt box too early. I went 5:43 6:24 6:40 something for the hill. Ugh pretty darn slow. It'll take some time to get fit again. I guess that's what 8 weeks off will do. At least I'm feeling like I can start doing some real training again. 7 mi total.

Sunday- day off.

Week Total- 33.5 miles. Not a bad week. Getting back. This next week will be about 40 maybe a little more. If everything is good after that ill go closer to 50 the week after that. The race was a bit discouraging but ill take off a big chunk this Saturday on SEA's flat course.