Monday, April 1, 2013

All Healed Up!

I went to the doctors Monday, and got an x ray to make sure everything was healing well, and the fractures have healed up nicely. The two compressed vertebrae aren't going to go back to their normal shape, but they are healed up and now look to be solid bone on the x ray.

It was good to SEE that it has healed, and with that news I went out for a 7 mile "long run" when I got home. Everything felt good, except for the fact, that I am totally out of shape, and came in just under 8 minute pace with multiple stretching breaks. At least I got it done with out any back pain or anything stupid like that.

Monday- 7 mile, Funspot loop slow.

Tuesday- First workout of 2013! 4x800 hills 3:22, 3:23, 3:33, 3:23. I was starting each one with Abbey and then just pulling away from her over the hill. First time working out on this hill, maybe it was a bit long. I'm honestly happy I just stayed in front of Abbey. It will be all I can do to beat her at Gilmanton saturday. 7.5 total.

Wednesday- Long walk, day off.

Thursday- Easy 8 miles with Abbey. I had to stop and stretch a few times.

Friday- Easy 4 with Abbey.

Saturday- Gilmanton Road Race. 12th place, 19:29! Ouch. Slow slow time, but then I've never even broken 18:00 on this course even fit. For 2 weeks of running I'll take it. I took it pretty conservatively trying not to put myself in the hurt box too early. I went 5:43 6:24 6:40 something for the hill. Ugh pretty darn slow. It'll take some time to get fit again. I guess that's what 8 weeks off will do. At least I'm feeling like I can start doing some real training again. 7 mi total.

Sunday- day off.

Week Total- 33.5 miles. Not a bad week. Getting back. This next week will be about 40 maybe a little more. If everything is good after that ill go closer to 50 the week after that. The race was a bit discouraging but ill take off a big chunk this Saturday on SEA's flat course.

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