Monday, April 29, 2013

Training Week Ending 4/28

Monday- I ran an easy 6 miles with Tucker in Hamlin Forest. Nice run.

Tuesday- Easy 9 with Abbey. Ran some trails on Governors Island, fun run, a little slow in spots.

Wednesday- easy 4 miles over at Ahern Park. I meant to run more, but the park was really crowded with families on spring break, and Tucker is just too much of a barker for all the little kids that were around.

Thursday- I did a 9 mile fartlek with Abbey. 7x3:00 hard 1:00 recovery. Good work out. I tried to make the 3:00 minutes hurt.

Friday- Easy 3 miles with Yannick and Abbey.

Saturday- Easy 4 miles with Abbey.

Sunday- 14 mile long run. nice and slow, but a solid run.

Week total- 49 miles. Another solid week of running. I just gotta keep doing these for a while and I'll start making some progress.

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