Monday, April 8, 2013

Week Ending 4/7- Getting hit by a CARS series

Monday- Snowboarding, probably the last day of the season.

Tuesday-1 mile warm up then a Hard 5 miles with Abbey. 33:20. We were hoping to be a little faster but it was really windy out. Abbey toughed out another hard 5 after that. She is a Machine. I played it "safe" and only did one loop, but I think I could have done the second one with her. I felt pretty good.

Wednesday- 0 day off, it was cold and windy out I wussed out.

Thursday- Easy 6 with Abbey and our neighbor Yannick. Fun run with Yannick for his first run since I don't know when. He's not a runner though. He wanted us to take him out for a run and wasn't happy with just going 1 or 2 miles to start. He said he knew the loop and if he couldn't keep up he'd just let us go and walk if he needed to. So we ran and he managed to not walk for the whole loop, even a brutal quarter mile hill just before a mile to go. I was impressed.

Friday- Easy 3 miles before SEA race.

Saturday-5k Race, 18:26 I think? I don't really care to look at the results, you can say 18:30 to be safe. I was hoping to take off a bit more than that this week. I really thought I'd be sub 18. I guess it takes time. Hopefully I can make up some ground over the next couple weeks though. I'm currently in 8th place for CARS and need to gain some major fitness if I'm going to have a chance of scoring this year. I've already used my two throw away races and need to start making some points from here on out.

Sunday- Easy 10 miles after a day of snowboarding. Felt good to get it done, but I was crawling at some points. My legs were toast. At least it was nice and sunny out!

Week Total: 33 miles. a decent week for coming back from an injury, but I should have run on that wednesday that I whimped out cause of the wind.

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