Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 2

Monday- easy 3 miles, not a lot of time today.

Tuesday- came home and shoveled 0

Wednesday- The back was really sore after shoveling, so I took the day off.

Thursday- Easy 4 miles with Abbey.

Friday- Easy 3 miles on the trails on Liberty Hill. I was missing my old stomping grounds, but I just wasn't ready for those trails yet, especially not in the snow. My legs were sapped after about 2 miles running in the snow, and then the snowmobile tracks stopped, and so I decided to turn back too. I was so wiped I wound up walking one of the longer hills.

Saturday- Steady 5 miles. Felt like I was killing it, but was barely under 40 minutes. Apparently I'm not very fit.

Sunday- Snowboarding at Jay Peak all day. The back felt great and still does today despite riding pretty hard yesterday. I love Jay, they got over 60 inches in the prior week and it was awesome! Fluff everywhere!

Week Total-15 I meant to make it 20 this week, but The early week got screwed by that snowstorm.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Running again! Woohoo!

Well I've been healing up nicely and the back is feeling pretty good. I've been getting out on the bike for about a month now, and a couple weeks ago I got the ok to start doing some light running again. I have started out very slow because the first couple runs caused some inflammation. Not painful, just uncomfortable. So pretty much I've doing about 10 or 15 minutes at a time every few days, and supplementing that with biking. I've been doing a lot of just riding with Abbey while she runs, which isn't really a work out, but it's nice to be out with her. a couple weeks ago I biked while she did her hill work out and that was tough! It felt good to get a high intensity work out in. Another day I got in a very hard 11 mile ride. I was supposed to meet Abbey for lunch, and got a late start so I had to haul. I made it in about 40 minutes I was wrecked after that ride and it wasn't even that fast.

On Sunday I felt good and wound up running 5 miles and feeling great afterwards! I'm excited to have gotten a real run in again. With that I've decided to start tracking my milage, and I'll see if maybe I can't get in a 20 mile week this week.

Monday- easy 15 minutes on the prescott farm trails, used yaktraks but I was still slipping around a lot. I just wanted to get in a bit of running to shake out after yesterdays "long run". Everything felt good, looking forward to tomorrow to try and get some more time in. 1.5 miles total today.

Tuesday- Easy 4 miles back and forth on White Oaks Rd. (my road). I did 4 long strides on the way home in the last mile. Just going by telephone pole and trying to drop a gear each one for 4 or 5 telephone poles, and then easy for 2 or 3 until my breathing was easy again. This felt like a nice reintroduction to some faster running, I felt ok, a little clunky at the faster end of the strides. In a week or two I'll start hitting some hills

Wednesday- Day off nice easy walk with Tucker.

Thursday- Steady 4.5 miles, abbey kept complaining I was running too fast, but I felt good and was just clipping along for my short little run.

Friday- Easy 5 miles with Abbey and Tucker at Ahern Park. Where there was snow it was nice and hard and crunchy, but when we hit this half mile long flat section along the lake, it was like an ice skating rink. Had some fun sliding on the ice, and throwing sticks onto it and watching tuck slip and slide trying to get em.

Saturday- Easy 3 miles with Abbey. Didn't have much motivation today, I could have skipped it but Abbey needed to get out for a shake out anyway. She did a bit more, but I just called it at 3.

Sunday- Went down and cheered at the NB half. had a lot of fun seeing everyone out there. I was on my bike, and after cheering for Abbey I tried to catch back up to the leaders to see them one more time, but wasn't even able to make it. at first it was tough going because I was on the side walk dodging spectators and curbs, but once the road opened up, and the traffic let down I rode on the opposite side of the road and had to haul to catch up to the front of the race. I made it up to Hammett, and gave him some encouragement before heading back to see how Abbey was doing. Really fun day, some really hard riding. Abbey had a great race for this time of the year with a 1:25:14. I'm looking forward to seeing what she runs for half marathon this fall.

Weekly Total: 18 miles. Not bad everything felt good.

The legs have been super sore getting going, but it feels geat to be out there again. The back feels great, so now it's just gonna be a matter of building back up again. I'm not really injury prone, so I'm tempted to just jump right back into it and get rolling hard again, but I wanna be smart about it. I'm really paranoid that even though everything feels good that I could re-injure my back by getting going too fast. I have Charted out a very conservative plan that has me in the 60's again by June, but if things keep going well then maybe I can ramp up a bit quicker than that.