Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 2

Monday- easy 3 miles, not a lot of time today.

Tuesday- came home and shoveled 0

Wednesday- The back was really sore after shoveling, so I took the day off.

Thursday- Easy 4 miles with Abbey.

Friday- Easy 3 miles on the trails on Liberty Hill. I was missing my old stomping grounds, but I just wasn't ready for those trails yet, especially not in the snow. My legs were sapped after about 2 miles running in the snow, and then the snowmobile tracks stopped, and so I decided to turn back too. I was so wiped I wound up walking one of the longer hills.

Saturday- Steady 5 miles. Felt like I was killing it, but was barely under 40 minutes. Apparently I'm not very fit.

Sunday- Snowboarding at Jay Peak all day. The back felt great and still does today despite riding pretty hard yesterday. I love Jay, they got over 60 inches in the prior week and it was awesome! Fluff everywhere!

Week Total-15 I meant to make it 20 this week, but The early week got screwed by that snowstorm.

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