Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week Ending April 14th

Monday- Went out to check out the trails at Liberty Hill today, There was still a lot of snow out there, but most of it was hard pack, and pretty decent for running on. On the hills it was so slick I had to run off the trail in order to get up the hill. Where it wasn't snow it was mud! It was a pretty fun run, and felt good to get muddy and get back out on my old stomping grounds.

Tuesday- Fartlek with Abbey. 7x3 minutes hard/ 1 min off. I was feeling some shin splints during the last couple miles, which is pretty normal as I get back in shape. Usually I just walk backwards up a hill after my runs until they stop bugging me. It usually takes about 3 days and they go away. 7 total.

Wednesday- 2 miles, went up to Prescott Farm with Tucker, got half way through one woods loop and just started feeling like crap, I got through the loop and decided to just call it a day and went home.

Thursday- easy 5 miles, The shin splints were still really bugging me. More backward hills.

Friday- 0 snowstorm? what?

Saturday- Easy 9 miles. Shins are better now.

Sunday- easy 6 miles. Meant to run more this day, but we cut the run a little shorter than we wanted when abbey's hamstring started acting up.

Week Total- 35 miles. I have to start doing a bit more miles now. I've done mid 30's for the past few weeks and it's time to make another good jump. This next week I'll try to be around 40-45.

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