Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Training Week Ending 5/5

Monday- Hard 7 miles at Liberty Hill trails. 50:12 I was trying to go under 50 in this run but I fell asleep a couple of times. Still got in some good work though. This isn't an easy course. My best time for the loop is just barely under 45 minutes and I didn't want this to be anywhere near that kind of an effort today.

Tuesday- 9 miles total. 2 mile warm up, then 3x2 miles with 4:00 of jogging rest, mile cool down. ran with Abbey. I don't remember the splits exactly I think we were around 13:10-20 for each set though so a good effort.

Wednesday- easy 4 miles from home. Summit Loop.

Thursday- 7 miles. Funspot loop with Abbey

Friday- day off

Saturday- easy 8 miles with Abbey.

Sunday- 12 miles. Went out and ran out to Sawyer Pond. Went in on Sawyer River Rd. from 302. No snow, nice long climb going up the road but definitely an easier run than going in from the Kanc.

Week Total- 48 miles. Pretty happy with my week. I was hoping to be over 50 miles, but I got in a lot of good running. Maybe I should have run Friday, but I hadn't had a day off in over two weeks so I probably needed it.


  1. Keep it up Sam! One week at a time. Looks like you are being smart about the come back. Don't get greedy now!

  2. Thanks man. It's coming along, I'm feeling a bit stronger already.