Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Training Week Ending 8/26

Monday- 7 miles easy on sweet trail.

Tuesday- 5 miles at 4:00 pm + 7 miles at 6:00 pm. I know it's not much space between runs, I was just trying to squeeze in some miles after work before we headed out to meet some friends for the second run.

Wednesday- hard 9 miles 56:09. I did 6 sets of 3 minutes hard 2 minutes off and 6 sets of one minute on and one minute off. Really tough run, the 3 minute blocks were too long to focus through and really get a good effort in for the whole time. It went ok though.

Thursday- 11 miles on the Liberty Hill trails. Really hot today. I wore a shirt to hold off the bugs, but they just focused on the back of my neck instead of my back! I guess that's what mullets are for.

Friday- 6 miles easy running around the weirs loop with Abbey. Felt good.

Saturday- Gilford Old Home Day 5k- 1st 17:15 8 miles total

This race is in the town over for me and it's taken me 10 years and 6 tries at it to finally get the win. in 2002 I was 3rd in 17:46. In 2003 I ran 17:35 for 4th. 2004 I was 16:50 for 2nd. 2006 I was 17:35 for 7th. 2009 I was 16:26 for 2nd and this year finally I was 17:15 for the win.

I had been feeling crappy all week and was just kinda hoping I'd be able to run a decent race. I got warmed up and felt a little sluggish but figured I'd be alright anyway.  I got out and felt out the pace for about 400 meters before I started getting going. I tried to take it as comfortable as possible but I had Ryan Lafrance on my tail through the first mile. The second mile I just tried to maintain my pace and pull away from Ryan. I built up a comfortable gap and then just put it into cruise control. I was able to do this through the last half mile when I tried to tell myself to focus on the time a bit. I'm glad I did because the second place guy apparently was coming on strong and ended up finishing just 7 seconds back.

Sunday- 6 miles easy doing the weirs loop. Felt pretty crappy. Jumped in the lake halfway through.

Week Total: 59 miles. This was week 1 of a 10 week build up towards a possible Cape Cod marathon. We will see how the next 4 or 5 weeks go and I'll make a call on it. We'll see how it goes, I felt good getting an easy win in even after my poor work out on Wednesday.

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