Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Running with Wooden Legs

I've had a good little streak of running going since the weekend, and over the weekend and into monday I had run 38 mile in 3 days, which is a lot of running for me. On tuesday I went out for another 10 miles in the Belknaps and my legs felt like crap the whole time. Nothing wrong with that, though. I've got a few days til Wachussett and I'm just gonna run easy the rest of the week. Here's the numbers so far.

Monday-12 miles on Sweet trail and surrounding roads.

Tuesday-10 miles in the Belknaps with Abbey and Tucker.
Out Gunstock CC ski trails, to Round Pond trail. From Round Pond, we took the Round Pond and Piper Link trails over to the saddle between Belknap and Mt. Piper, then we just took the carriage road, to the Blue trail skipping the summit of Belknap and bringing us over toward Gunstock. We took the Brook trail to the Gunstock summit, and then back down the access road to the parking lot. About another mile back to car at CC ski area. As mentioned above, legs were very tired. On the way back to Gunstock we took the same trail we took on sunday, and spots I ran up with little trouble had me walking today.
What a gorgeous day out there though. It was wet, with a light rain falling most of the run and all of the fresh spring green was just bursting with color. Way out on Piper Link trail it is very remote, and we were on the side of this little gulf, with the clouds socked in above us, and it really felt like we were someplace else. Abbey kept saying how she felt like we were in the jungle. Just gorgeous, as crappy as my legs were feeling, the scenery and isolation were well worth the run.

Wednesday-easy 7 on Liberty Hill trails with tucker.

Thursday- easy 5 with Abbey. I meant to run a little longer today, but we were running by my parents house and decided to stop in and say hi, and after helping myself to some left over steak, some string cheese and a big cup of juice I decided I didn't feel like running home, and made my sister drive us back. Probably should have finished up the run, but oh well. It's just some extra rest for Wachussett this weekend.

Friday- easy 4, just shaking it out before Wachussett. Meant to run for 45 but was feeling lazy and just cut it at half an hour.

Saturday- Wachussett Mt. Race. 32:01 9th place. Race report to follow. 3 m warm up 4 m cool down, made for a good 12 mile day.

Sunday- 16 miles with Scott Clark and Abbey. Ran from Gilmanton out snowmobile trails over to Durrell Mt. Road and up to the summit of Mt. Whiteface. Back down the other side to Belknap Mt. Road, back to Durrell Mt Road and then back the way we came to Scott's house. Good run, tough climb up Whiteface. Really bonked on the way back at about mile 14 or so, was really hurting but managed to make it back ok.

Total: 66 miles.
No work outs, lots of hills and one good race. It's been three weeks over 60 now, and I'm feeling pretty beat up. Good stuff. I'm gonna take a down week and then see if I can get a few more weeks in around 65.

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