Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday- hard 7 with tucker up on Liberty Hill trails.


Wednesday- 3

Ran from the Kanc, Sawyer River trail, to Sawyer Pond trail back out to the Kancamangus. I got turned around a bit near the end of sawyer river road, and wound up running an extra 2 or 3 miles, so by the time I got out to the road again I'd already done 12 miles or so. I knew I had 5 miles and about 500 ft of climbing back up the Kanc to get to my car so I decided to thumb when I saw cars coming. I didn't want 17 mi on the day with a race in a couple days. I wound up running another 2 miles before I got picked up. The guy that picked me up had a very "green" smelling car, but he was a really nice guy. What a great day, but man the trail was pretty destroyed in some areas after hurricane Irene.

Friday- easy 4 just shaking it out before saturday's race.

Saturday- 8 w/race 17:06
Went down to the Children's Museum 5k in Dover. I was pretty nervous for this one, cause I really wanted to win some lobsters. I've gotten lucky here a couple times and brough home the 10 lobsters. I felt like I was starting to get fit enough to give it another shot, but then I ran into Jim Johnson on my warm up, and once I got to the line Brandon Newbould was there too, so I knew I might not be going for the win, but I wanted to get out with them and see if I can get a big enough gap on the chase pack to not have to worry about them. Didn't happen. I went through the mile in 5:25 a way off the leaders, and just tried to focus on Jim who was letting the top 2 get away too. I was able to keep the gap steady on Jim through 2 miles in 10:55 and then Jim really dropped the hammer, while I started to fall off pretty hard. I had a tough last mile and got caught by a couple guys just before we got back into town. I look back on it now, and wish I'd gutsed it out and held those two guys off, but I kinda whimped out. It was still a pretty decent race, two more seconds off my seasonal best on a much tougher course than NHTI, so I was happy enough with it. I feel like i'm getting there, but I was a little dissapointed in this race, I thought i was ready to run a little tougher, and for god sakes break 17 minutes, but I didn't do it. I don't know when I'll be racing my next road 5k, but it'll be atleast til the end of May so hopefully by then I'll be able to drop a fast time.

Sunday- 12.5 with Kevin Tilton and Jim Johnson
Nice run we went out and did the Flat mt. Pond loop up in the Sandwich Wilderness Area. Great run, not too tough, and not too much climbing just a nice fun run. Brought Tucker along and he had a blast, he played fetch with jim in the pond and had some fun swimming. Hopefully he wasn't too much of a pain on the single track.

Week Total: 48.5 Bit of a low week, but that was after 4 weeks of building and a couple weeks with out a day off. Still felt like I got in a good week, with a couple really solid runs.

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