Sunday, April 29, 2012

Running Week Ending 4/29

Monday- 8 miles easy.
Very nice easy run this afternoon.

Tuesday-8.5 4xmile cut downs.
Work out today, I wanted to get some strength in so I decide to go with mile repeats. Here's my splits 5:43 5:36 5:28 5:16. I probably should have done a 5th to make up for that first one. It just took me a while to warm up and get going, so that first one was pretty slow. After that, I thought it'd be a pretty long work out, but I started feeling better by the second one.

Wednesday- 4am/6.5 pm
Nice easy 4 with Abbey in the morning, then a nice 6.5 with Tucker on the Liberty Hill trails. Made sure to take it easy on both runs.

Thursday- Hard 6 miles.
I should have done some warm up before starting this hard run, or taken the first mile easier, anyway I think I started out too fast. My legs were just killing me from the start, and I think it was mostly cause they weren't warmed up. I just kept trying to go hard, but around 4.5 miles I realized I was only going like 6:20-6:30 pace. I shut it down until a mile from the hosue, and then I ran that last mile in 5:35. Decent run.

Friday- easy 4.
Abbey and i both wanted to run a little more, but we were trying to make it to the movies for 7:00 and just decided to try and squeeze in a quick 4.

Saturday- 8 miles
Ran up and down gunstock twice. on the way down the second time, we went out over Alpine Ridge and down an old abandoned ski trail to the bottom of the ski mountain. Really good work out going up and down gunstock, it gets very steep the last quarter mile. It was a nice confidence booster for some mt. races this spring.

Sunday- 13 miles
Ran with Scott Clark and Abbey out in Gilmanton. Scott brought us out onto some great trails that wound around all over the place. I think we were moving at the end of the run, cause we finished up in 1:26.

Total: 58 miles. Good week, and starting to feel pretty fit. Next week I'm looking to just keeping the progress going forward.

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