Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running week ending April 15th

Monday- 5 miles kinda hard. 33 minutes. Just tried to keep the effort up on this run. Tried to push the pace with out working too hard.

Tuesday- Workout, 800, 400 alternating on half rest-4 sets.
This was a good old Keene State work out. I remember this being one of the toughest work outs of the season although I think we were dong 6 sets back then, and you had to be going low 2:20's and low 70's if not under to stay with the pack. Today I didn't (and couldn't if I wanted to) hit these that hard. I went 2:38, 76, 2:41, 79, 2:42, 80, 2:44, 73. I was having a hard time holding to my 5:20 goal pace for this, but the work out went pretty well.  8 miles total.

Wednesday- 9 miles easy. Felt good tried to just relax on my run and enjoy being out there. Got excited a few times and had to remind myself to ease off and recover from yesterday's work out.

Thursday-Steady 10 miles with Scott McGrath.
My first run at Maudslay Park. Felt great, gorgeous trails, nice run.

Friday- 4 easy am, 4.5 pm
Just easy runs. I'm happy I squeezed in the second run.

Went down to the marathon expo in the morning, and ended up getting back so late that we didn't have time to run.

Sunday-13 miles
Nice long run on the Franklin rail trail with Abbey, Scott Clark, Ernie Brake and a couple of their HS runners. felt great to run with a group. Put in some faster miles on the way back after a pit stop halfway

Week Total-  53.5 felt good this week. looking for a few more miles next week though.

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