Thursday, April 5, 2012

Running Week Ending 4/7

Monday- easy 6 miles

Tuesday- work out- 1600, 2x800 4x400 half rest
good work out I went 5:28, 2:31, 2:35, 75, 76, 74, 74. I pretty much did what I wanted to here. I felt a bit clunky out there, but the work out went well. Another speed work out later in the week will hopefully work out the kinks. 7.5 total.

Wednesday- easy 6 miles

Thursday- work out- 6x400 200 rest.
Didn't go so great, 75, 78, 76, 75, 80, 78. I meant to do 10 of these, but was feeling like crap, and decided to just call it at 6. I ran a nice 25 minute cooldown, and with a 15 minute warm up, to make it about 7 miles.

Friday-Easy 45 minutes with Abbey and the dog on the Ahern Park trails. 6 miles

Saturday- Race SEA 5k- 17:13 10th place very windy.
This race went much better than last week at Gilmanton, I forgot to start my watch in the beginning, but that was probably just as well, because I think we must have gone out in about 5:10 and I was a ways off the leaders still. I was probably better off not knowing that first split anyway. I got into a nice rythym over the next mile and felt pretty good, just before 2 miles we turned to run back into the wind for the next half mile and at about 2 and a quarter and Ernie Brake and Scott Clark came up on me and I just couldn't respond. I kept it together over the last mile, but I was hurting. It was definitely better than last week. I'm looking forward to my next one. 8 miles total for the day

Sunday- Easy 8.5 miles with Abbey on some new trails we found near the house. We just explored the main trail, but there were about five or six very inviting looking off shoots we'll have to get out and explore soon.

Week Total: 47 miles. Felt great by the end of the week and ready to bump it up this next week.

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