Monday, July 2, 2012

Week Ending 7/1

Monday- Easy 10 on the roads. Ran funspot 7 loop, and decided to explore this hill that went into a gated residential community that goes off the loop. Looks great for "Drummer" work outs. Not quite the same profile, the grade is more consistent the whole way, but a good mile long paved hill 2.5 miles from home cannot be ignored. Nice run.

Tuesday- Easy 8 miles, ran up mt. piper and down to south piper, and then over to white face and back out belknap mt. road to my car. nice run, slow lots of stopping and looking for cairns to follow the south piper trail. Tight calves.

Wednesday- harder 10 miles up whiteface and over to Durrell mt. Road and back up liberty hill to the car. Felt shitty.

Thursday- unplanned day off. Waited for Abbey to come home, and then we just whimped out and decided to skip it.

Friday- 2 times up and down gunstock, 8 miles total. Tried to run hard but felt like shit, a lot more walking than I wanted, but it went ok.

Saturday- Another goose egg. Meant to run in the afternoon, but I wound up windsurfing with my brother all afternoon, right up until dinner.

Sunday- Another goose egg, went to the beach for the day.

Week Total: 36. Should have run more this week, but I was due for an easy week after 3 weeks of building. easier week than I meant for, but I felt great in tonight's work out (monday) 5x600 averaging 1:48.

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