Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running Week Ending 6/24

Monday- Easy 10 miles with Goupil on the Sweet trail off Bay Rd. Nice to get in a run with someone other than Tucker or Abbey. Felt like we picked it up the last few miles on the road, could have just been the effort was harder going up the hills on Bay Rd.

Tuesday- Easy 11 miles on the roads with Goupil in Durham. Ran the Wednesday Hill loop, which I've been told is 10.4 but it felt closer to 11 as we finished up in 75 and were pretty sure we were going sub 7's for most of it.

Wednesday- Easy 9 with Goupil in Barrington. Took it easy in the heat, and took a swim break halfway through the run. Not as bad as I thought it would be, a bit of wind for most of the run, was ok the only time I was really feeling the heat was coming back on rt. 125 towards Goup's house.

Thursday- I meant to run, but wound up going out cliff jumping with my brother and sister all day instead. Lots of great jumping at Indian's Leap in Lincoln, then we went up to Upper Falls up by the Cog. Probably could have squeezed in a run after I got back, oh well.

Friday- AM-7 PM-4 Went up to the Lincoln Woods trail with Tucker. We ran out to Franconia Falls and went swimming for a while then ran back and I went and took a couple jumps at Indian's Leap before heading back home. After Abbey got out of work we went another 4 to shake out before Saturday's race.

Saturday- Aurlow Stanley Memorial 5k 2nd place 17:17 8 miles total.
Pretty good run today. I was hoping to run a little faster, but the course isn't that easy, with some pretty tough hills. I've run 16:38 here before though, and was kinda hoping I'd be able to break 17 today. I got out off the line a bit fast and decided to just try and key off Justin Freeman who I figured would be winning. I focused on staying near him through the first mile and then gradually slipped back. at about a mile and a half you take a good corner and I looked back and saw Scott Clark just a bit behind me and started trying to work up the hill to make sure he didn't close the gap. At two miles I was hurting, but was pretty sure I had more in the tank if need be, I tried to keep the pace steady, because I knew Scott wouldn't be slowing down. I kept it together for most of the last mile, but was really hurtin going up the last hill. I tried to really work it and start moving on the down side of the hill, but I was not feeling good and was thinking I might do a good old Sam Wood boot. I just tried to keep a steady kick going as we finished the last 400 of the race and keep myself from puking, because I knew Scott would catch me before I got my legs back under me if I did throw up. I made it to the line and through the chute with out puking and was pretty happy. I didn't feel great out there today, and the legs never felt like they had much pop but I managed to hold on to second and the 60 bucks I knew was waiting for me.

Had a nice cool down with Scott, Justin, Abbey and Ryan LaFrance a youngster from Gilford that will likely be beating me in a few years. Fun day.

Sunday- Long run 20 miles total, about 3 to 4 miles of hiking. Abbey, Tucker and I went out and did the Wilderness loop plus Bondcliff and the Franconia Falls trail. Not sure how we decided to do Bondcliff, we were going up planning on just doing the wilderness loop, and then Cannon just looked so nice as we were heading up the highway I guess that we decided we should run up Bondcliff too. Felt great on the way out and over the river crossing, but we ran out of water on the way up Bond, and were both hurting once we got up there. We ran most of the first 2.5 up bond, and then had to hike most of the last mile and a half.  We hung out and enjoyed the view and the wind for a bit but then we decided we'd better get down and back for some water. We were both really hurting though and wound up having to risk giardia and drink from some river crossings. I know it's not smart, but we were both really getting dehydrated and decided it was worth the risk with about 7 miles of running left before we'd get to fresh water. We wound up just filling our bottles and hoping for the best, and so far I feel fine. Not sure how long it takes for giardia to set in though. The tough footing on bondcliff was no problem on the way up but on the way down it was really giving me a hard time. Once we got back down to the wilderness trail it was a quick run to Franconia Falls where we took a very refreshing dip. The last 3 miles I was still really tired and hurting, but it went by quick enough. That bridge over the Pemi was a very welcome sight though. Beautiful day, I just wish we'd brought more water and more fuel. All we brought was granola bars I happened to have in the car, and I was really wishing I had some shot bloks or a gu or something for most of the second half of the run. Finished up with a soak in the river and some Subway before going home, I was still too beat to eat my sub though. Tough day, but overall it was fun, and the views were really great up top.

Week Total: 69 in 6 days. No workout, one decent race, and one really long run. Good week of training. Probably gonna get in some workouts at Gunstock next week to try and prepare for Loon. Gunstock's final climb to the summit area must be pretty close to the grade of walking boss at Loon. Not positive but it's pretty damn steep anyway.


  1. What's Indian's Leap like? Any real danger involved? I'm hiking Moosilauke next week and will be looking for a good swimming jumping spot afterwards. Any other good swimming/sliding holes within 30-45 minutes of Lincoln?

  2. Indian's Leap is a big pot hole with some really great cliffs to jump off of. It's on 112 about a mile or two west of the intersection with rt. 3 in Lincoln. It is a great swimming spot, just not sure if it's legal. The parking area has signs that say "parking for restaurant only after 4PM" although the restaurant closed down a few years ago.