Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Newton 10k

                                                                    Tough Race!

I came into this race with pretty high hopes, I'd run well the week before and felt really fit doing it so maybe I built up my expectations a little too high. I thought I'd be able to break 34:00 a week after getting a season's best of 16:48 in a 5k last week. I was convinced that if I got out near 17:05 for 5k that I'd be able to squeak under with the downhill last 5k. It didn't go that way, this was a bad race. My first bad race since Gilmanton back in March. My watch broke so I wasn't able to get splits for this race, I got some splits from guys near me at splits.
I went 5:30, 5:45, 17:20 23:something 29:01 and then finished up with a 36:07 I don't remember much of who was with me where or anything like that, I just remember running with Brett Ely for most of the first half, and chasing the second place woman through most of the second half. The last mile or two, I had a great guy from Whirlaway who kept pushing me to stay with him over those last miles and he was a great help as I was ready to pack it in.
No one really ran fast this race, and I was closer to my team mates time wise than I was at the bedford 12k so I'm not worried about the time. I know I'm pretty fit, it was just a tough day out there. I'm just gonna keep the miles up and keep rolling.

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  1. great attitude Sam. You'll be ready to kick butt at the next one. Sorry we didn't get to chat more post race.