Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I ran into some coyotes this week

Monday- 9 miles 63 minutes.
Ran with Abbey for her hard run. The plan was to start out easy the first couple miles then drop it down to Abbey's Marathon Pace for the rest of the run. Went well, ran 63 minutes with an 8 minute first mile. Abbey said it was kinda tough, but I felt great!

Tuesday-Easy 7 miles on the Liberty Hill trails with Tucker.
I really didn't wanna get out there for this run, I started out and realized I'd forgotten my watch in the car, luckily I was only a minute or two into the run, so I went back and grabbed it, and it was so hard to get started again. I managed to make myself do it by telling myself I could just do 7 and didn't have to do the 9 I was planning. I was secretly hoping I'd start feeling better and do the 9, but I wound up running right by the turn to add on when it was time and just finished up my 7 miles nice and easy. I'm just glad I got some in.

Wednesday- Interesting run today, I headed out from the Liberty Hill parking area, and out to Whiteface, took a trail down the backside of whiteface, and into this valley between Whiteface and Piper. As soon as I hit the valley bottom, I hear this coyote start howling, I'm not so concerned at first, I call Tucker to me, and then I hear another start in, and another. I did a couple shouts and clapped my hands, and then there's just like four or five coyotes howling. I grabbed the biggest stick I could find and took off back up the trail sprinting, with Tucker leading the way! I didn't drop my stick until I couldn't hear em anymore. When I hit the top of whiteface I stopped to take a breather fairly confident they weren't chasing us. Kinda scary though! I don't know if they were like howling to check me out, or to clear out, but either way I didn't wanna stick around to find out. After that I was kinda bummed because I had some exploring to do out that way. Once I got to the Whiteface trail again I had a decision to make about how I wanted to finish the run, I had a couple ways to go that would add on about 2 to 3 miles or I could just get back down to the normal Liberty Hill trails and just get the hell outta there. I wound up deciding to do that, and just finished up the second half of the lib hill 7 once I got back down to it. I added on about 2.5 miles with my climb up and down whiteface to make it a good 9.5 mile day.

Thursday- Long day today, I wound up running 17 miles but in 3 runs broken up by about a half hour or so for each. I started out planning on doing a 9 mile tempo on the roads. It was way too busy out with Bike Week though so I decided to bag it after 2.5 and go to the trails with Tucker. There's 5. I did 6 out on the Lib Hill trails with tuck, and after I finished up there I gave Abbey a call to see where she was at, and she wound up talking me into running with her, so I met her over at Ahern State Park for another 6 miles. Felt pretty good most of the time, a bit tired over at Ahern. I took a dip in the lake after we finished and then headed home to get ready to go into The Weirs and enjoy some Laconia Bike Week action.

Friday- 4 easy am, 4 easy pm Ran with Abbey in the morning on the roads, and ran in the afternoon with Tucker on the Audubon fields. Nice easy day.

Saturday- Hiked up Mt. Washington to watch Abbey and everyone else I know run. Beautiful day. I went up Lions Head to the Alpine Gardens and then upto about the 6.5 mile mark. Had an awesome time watching everyone come up the mountain. After most everyone went by I went up and caught up with everyone, and then went up and had myself a meal on top of the mountain. That's my favorite thing about Washington, I love going in and having a cup of coffee and pizza afer hiking all morning. I know a lot of people don't like having the observatory and all those people, but I can deal with it for hot food on top of the mountain. Once everyone started going down the mountain, I hiked back down Tuckerman's Ravine to the bottom. Great hike. I give myself about 4 miles of running for the day.

Huge Congratulations to Abbey on her 12th place finish, and 2 minute + pr. Abbey also managed 10th USATF athlete, to grab the last medal. So proud of my Fiance! Also congrats to the Masters team on their gold medal, and to the Open team for their silver.

Sunday- 9 miles, just ran a nice easy 9 miles with Tucker, I entertained Ideas of doing 18 instead of 9 but was feeling tired so I decided to just quit and be happy with the run I had done.

Week Total- 61 miles. Nice week of easy running. I know I should have gotten in a work out I just never really felt like it. Good week though.

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  1. That's crazy Sam! Coyotes are skiddish when they're solo but I've had some run-ins over the years that would have me high-tailing it just like you. Smart move! And sounds like a solid run despite the early turnaround.