Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Week! 10/7/2012

Monday- Hilly 11 miles 65 minutes. I didn't feel like this run was too hard, but my legs started getting sore that night after the run.

Tuesday- Woke up this morning and could hardly get down the stairs. I just had those super sore, can't walk quads. All day at work I kept having my quad lock up on me and I'd start to fall backwards and have to catch myself. Ridiculous. I did manage to get in an easy 5 miles that day still which felt better than walking actually.

Wednesday- Legs were still completely beat, I began to worry about them not recovering by the wedding. I kept  Imagining walking out and doing one of those drop steps when my leg locks up on me. The 5 miles the day before weren't easy so I decided to do laps of the main loop at Ahern Park with Tucker. It's about a 1.5 mile loop and I took it a lap at a time, and before I knew it I was at 9.5 miles.

Thursday- Abbey and I did an easy 8 miles. Legs still felt like trash, I was still worried, wondering if the 9.5 yesterday was a bad idea.

Friday- Finally the legs are better! I can walk again! In celebration I spent the whole day cleaning for all the company we were having over the weekend. 0 miles.

Saturday- easy 8 miles with Goupil and Najem. Ran out in Sanbornton near the reception site.

Sunday- Super hectic morning, but I still managed to squeeze in 9.5 with Goup and Pete before the wedding.

Week Total- 50 miles. Pretty happy with that for my wedding week.

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