Sunday, September 30, 2012

Running Week Ending 9/30

Monday- 0. I should have run this day, but I was really busy.

Tuesday- 10 miles. I ran 7 with Abbey and Tucker out on the Lib Hill trails. We were thinking about going up Mt. Whiteface, but I spaced it and ran right past the trail. It was a good thing we missed it though, because it was pitch black as we were coming out of the woods. Another half hour out in the woods, would have kinda sucked. When we got home I decided to go out for another few miles. I felt great today though, I noticed going up the hills on the trails that I was snappy, and driving and feeling strong. When I got home I decided to go out for a few more miles, and wound up with another 3 at about MP.

Wednesday-10.5 miles. Made it up Mt. Whiteface this time, and came back down the way I came, instead of finishing out the loop. Felt good.

Thursday- 3 miles am, 9 miles pm. 2 mile warm up and then ran 3x2 miles on the roads. 11:32 11:43 11:24. Ran this on the 10k course I ran this weekend, which has marked miles. Just jogged off 4 minutes between sets. That second set had a pretty good hill.

Friday-0 Have I mentioned that I'm getting married in a week?! I spent the day getting a bunch of projects done around the house before we have company arrive this week.

Saturday- Easy 5 with Abbey and Tucker on some nice trails out in Center Harbor. Good run.

Sunday- Tanger Outlet 5k- 1st 18:00. Easy win today, still wanted to run a bit faster, but I was taking it easy, and the second mile was all up hill. 2 mile warm up, mile cool down. 6 mi total.

Week Total: 43.5- Ugh! I really wanted to get more miles in this week but I have plenty of time to run miles and only one more week now til the wedding so we'll just see how this next week goes.

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