Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week Ending 9/9

Monday- Great 14.5 miles with Scott McGrath. Pretty fast first 10 miles about 65 minutes and then after a water break we meant to run another 35 but I was dying so we cut it back a few minutes earlier for 1:37 total. Good day.

Tuesday- Easy 6 miles with Abbey and the Olafsens out on the Liberty Hill trails. A little weird doing a Tuesday run with out the T-man there. He'll be back in action soon though.

Wednesday- easy 7 before work

Thursday- Work out 5x1 mile at half marathon pace w/400 rest. after a 2 mile warm up It took me a lap or two to warm up and get going in this work out so my first mile was a little slow. but overall the whole thing went ok.

I had kinda wanted to keep these closer to 5:40 pace through out, but I felt stronger the further into the work out I got. I probably should have done one more to cancel out that 5:53, but oh well. I'm not really sure what I'm at for half pace right now, but this workout felt pretty good and is reinforced by my 1:13 half, where I had pretty similar splits for the first first five miles. I did about a mile and a half cool down and headed home.

Friday- easy 5 miles pre race.

Saturday- Jail Break 5k in Laconia-1st 17:21

A nice easy win for a $200 pay day this weekend. Awesome! I was so pumped. I was by myself from the start and was able to just cruise along comfortably for the whole race. Felt great. I was also happy with the race because back in April I had race my ass off to run a 17:20, and today it felt really easy. Abbey also won her race comfortably and so it was a great day!

Sunday- 17 mile long run was planned, I mapped out a great hilly loop, that went out to Ellacoya State Park and then climbed up Cumberland rd through the acres and back to Laconia on Cherry Valley road. I managed most of the loop. Around 6 or 7 miles I started to feel some real tightness in my calf. I kept running on it through mile 8 and it still wasn't feeling good. I thought about turning back here and avoiding the hills, but after stopping for some water at Ellacoya I decided to finish the loop I'd set out to do. The 9th mile climbs up through the acres and by the time I got up to the top of the hill at mile 10 my calf was really feeling shitty. I just took it easy, but the downhills to get back down to Cherry Valley weren't helping either. By the time I got to mile 12 whatever was going on with my calf was breaking my stride and I wound up walking the last half mile to Patrick's Pub where I'd stashed a water bottle. I got some water and started running but it wasn't happening. I walked over to a marina down the road and gave a call to my little sister who came and gave me a ride home. It would have been a long walk home if she wasn't around. Abbey was out with her mom for the day so I would have been on my own. I'm not really sure what happened on this run, it feels like a strain sort of, it's not the whole calf that hurts, but just one muscle that's been killing me. It feels a bit better today (tuesday) but yesterday it hurt just walking all day long. We'll just see what's happening.

Week Total: Besides the failed long run on sunday this was a good week. I would have had 65 if I'd finished up, but instead I got 61.

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