Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week Ending 9/16

Monday- After Sunday's calf troubles I decided to take Monday off and just got in a lot of walking. My Achilles was snapping loudly every step I took all day though, and my calf was really tight. I did a little massage later in the evening to loosen it up.

Tuesday- 7 miles easy. I was a little nervous about how far I wanted to go today, but decided to do the funspot 7 miler which has a couple bail options.

Wednesday- 10x400 meters half rest. I did a 2.5 mile warm up and got into the work out. I was trying to run 75-70 depending on how I was feeling. I started out at 75 73 74 75 74 75 74 73 73 69 I was getting worried when I started slowing down by the 4th repeat. I tried to relax and remind myself that if I can cruise 75's comfortably then that's perfect. Being able to hammer 70's doesn't really do much for me when i won't be running anywhere near that pace until indoor season anyway. Once I relaxed about it the work out felt pretty good. After cool down I had about 8 miles.

Thursday- Just an easy couple miles with my little sister today. Trying to take it easy before RTB this weekend.

Friday- Didn't run until around 7 pm. Leg 9. 6:10's for 6.5 miles.

Saturday- 8.5 miles at 4 AM around 7:00 pace. Next Leg was around 1pm. 4.1 miles at 6:00 pace.

Sunday- Hiked Belknap and Piper with Abbey in the afternoon. Nice day.

Week Total- 36 miles this week. Wanted to take it easy after the calf scare last weekend. Things seem to be good though, so it's back to the milage this week.

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