Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Looking at a long unintended break

Well Abbey and I had our honey moon in Hawaii and had a great time. Lots of great hiking, lots of great snorkeling, some awesome waves, some really nice runs and really just an awesome time. The only problem was I wound up breaking my back cliff jumping. I had been looking forward to this swimming hole that was supposed to have great jumping and got there and found some guys jumping, and asked em where it was safe to go and they pretty much showed me, but apparently forgot to tell me to avoid the area I landed and I wound up hitting a big "cussing" rock. I struck with heels first and slipped straight to my ass. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I hit the rock and came off. My breath was knocked out of me which wasn't too surprising, but when it came back and I couldn't breathe with out my back hurting I started getting a bit worried. I got out and was in a lot of pain, but I was able to stand and walk a bit and after a few minutes I was breathing easier. After I could breathe it felt like I'd messed up my sacrum or coccyx more than anything else. We decided that since I was walking ok that maybe i'd just bruised my butt really bad and I'd be ok. We had a few days left and figured I could get an x ray when we got home. So pretty much we just went on and as long as I kept moving, I had pretty good mobility. So I tried to keep moving and probably did a lot of things you shouldn't do with a broken back.

I made it home though and got an x ray yesterday. Basically all I know is that my heels are good and that I compressed two vertebrae in middle back, but the nurse didn't say anything about my lower back/butt which is what is really bothering me. I'll be getting more info at an appt on Monday. I guess we'll see what they say, but Abbey says that's usually about a 6-8 week recovery time. So we'll have to see how things go. I'm gonna try and figure out what my best cross training option is and try my best not to lose all my fitness. This really sucks because I was finally starting to come around and now I'm gonna have to start all over again. Anyway see ya guys in a couple months. I'll try and get some pictures from Hawaii and some hiking reports just for fun. Catch ya later guys!


  1. dude HOLY CRAP. Get better man... I know it probably won't help, but this is the best time to take some down's freezing, the trails are crap (if you like trailrunning), and snowshoeing is probably the only thing "running-wise" that one would like about this time of year unless you are really into track... also, you got plenty of years left (I wish I did!). Get better, heal up, and you'll be back stronger than ever. And stay off the cliffs!

  2. Wow, that's awful! Sorry man. Glad you're ok. It could have been worse. Rest and recover.