Friday, December 9, 2011

Running week ending 12/11

On a much deserved vacation this week out in Michigan to visit Abbey's grandparents and relatives. It's been a great week of running. We're way up north by the fingertips and it is some beautiful scenery, if you don't mind the wind. this is how the week has gone.

Mon-7.5 miles. nice easy run mostly on roads. Lots of wind.

Tues- 5 miles am. Ran to a little diner in the next town and ended the run with hot coffee and breakfast. can't beat that.
          6 miles pm. I was just planning to run for a half hour, but I felt great and decided to add in a couple more.

Wed- 6 miles. Nice and easy, took a trail that went out to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and right out to Lake Michigan. The wind was blowing up so much sand once we got out there we couldn't even look towards the lake. We hastily ran back to the woods in retreat, and when we got back I found that the wind had been blowing hard enough to give me pockets full of sand.

Thurs- 6 mile. A nice run around "the block". This was a good run. We went to a stretch yoga class in the morning and Abbey and I were both noting that we felt too stretched out, like we had no snap. So we just plodded along enjoying the setting sun over the Michigan farm lands. For about a mile or two the wind was blowing so hard that we were almost standing still. I put in a good hard surge for about a half mile into the face of the wind and it didn't make things much better. It did feel good to churn the legs though.

Friday- 11 miles. Windy the entire time. This was a tough run, it was 22 degrees when we started with a stiff wind. We toughed it out and got it done. Lots of hills too. I was feeling the hip after the yoga yesterday, but I think it's ok.

Sat- 0 traveling

Sun- 6 miles . We picked up Tucker from the Kennel and then ran out and back on Sandwich Notch Rd. with him. It's tough running out there, very hilly. We were moving pretty quick out there, which felt good. Felt good.

Total: 47 miles in 6 days. Not a bad week.

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