Monday, December 12, 2011

Running Week ending 12/18

Monday- am 3 mi, pm 7.5 track 1600, 800, 800, 400, 400. 4:59, 2:35, 2:35, 70, 70. Good work out. I was hoping to run 5:00 pace for the 800's too but they were pretty tough. I was planning for four 400's but my hip was starting to get a little tight by that point. It's been feeling great during my easy milage, but when I try to do any hard work it gets very sore for a while afterwards. I wanna run some indoor though, so I'm gonna try and just do my work outs til it hurts and then cut it there.

Tuesday- pm 5.5 easy. My legs were tight as hell after the speed work out on monday, I ended up having to stop and stretch three or four times. Glad I ran though, because there's only one way to break up the shit in the legs.

Wednesday- 7 miles, Liberty Hill loop. Felt better than monday, but finished the loop about 7 or 8 minutes slower than usual. Still sore from the work out but getting better.

Thursday- 7 miles with Abbey. Went down to Edwards St. to look at christmas lights. It was a nice fun relaxing run. Finally feeling better since Monday's work out. (had some issues going on with my peroneal tendon on the run yesterday. During my push off i would feel a sharp pain that was really reducing the strength of my push off on the left leg.)

Friday-3.5 miles. It was a long day at work, but I got out the door for a shake out run around 9:30 pm. I was planning on racing at BU on saturday so I went down to the track and stretched for a while and did some strides and ran home. Felt good.

Saturday- 7 miles. I woke up early and hit the road but it was snowy and I was slipping all over the place on my bald tires, I decided that it was too stressful of a ride in the snow for a meet that doesn't really mean anything and decided to stay home. Wound up running the Saddle Hill 7 miler with Abbey, that's the one with the 30 minute climb to the top, felt good and managed to get a pretty good run in. I was pretty dissapointed I missed a good day of running, but I'm getting snow tires on this week and so hopefully I'll make it down to boston this weekend.

Sunday- 0 miles. Work 9am-10pm oh well.

Total- 40.5 miles. Meant to get a bit more running in this week. We'll see how things go next week.

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  1. Good to see you're out there running hard man. Also glad to hear you're keeping that hip in focus. Looking forward to running and racing with you soon! Indoor should be good, but this upcoming GP should be kick-ass!!