Sunday, December 25, 2011

Running week ending 12/25

Monday-7 miles in 45:00. This was a good run, I was trying to be a little quicker on this run. I went out a bit faster, rigged up around halfway, jogged for a mile or so and then picked it up for the rest of the run. The last mile of this run is up hill, it's no drummer hill, but it's a good hill and I managed to run just under 6 for it, so I was happy enough.

Tuesday- 8 miles. Squeezed in an easy run out at the Kingman Farm trails down in Durham. Not really many loops but there is a gorgeous huge open field out there that was a lot of fun to run laps around.

Wednesday- 0. Meant to run this morning, but wound up going out to breakfast with family that was visiting.

Thursday- 7.5 miles. Ran the long way down to the track and then did an easy speed work out. 3 sets of 400,200,200 on 200 rest. Just something fun and easy to get the legs stretched out. I went 72, 34, 34-72, 34, 35-70, 34, 34. Not the most awe inspiring work out, I felt pretty tight, and felt like I was struggling go under 35 for a 200. I got in some faster stuff and felt good about it though.

Friday- 3.5 miles easy shake out run.

Saturday- BU mini meet 9 mi total. I met Chirp down in Concord and headed down to the meet with him, feeling pretty nervous about my first track race in 3 years. It was great to see some other friends when we got down to Boston, and then it was time to warm up and get rolling. The 3k was ok, I went out in 4:57 or so and things started to get a bit tough from there on. I told myself to focus for two more laps after the mile split and I did, but I started falling off the pace big time from there on out. I kept a pretty good effort, but I came in at 9:38, which was not what I was hoping for, but it was ok for my first track race in three years.
The mile went much better I'd say, I haven't punched the times into a calculator to see which is better, but I felt a lot better. I got out in last place and sat at the back of my heat for most of the first half picking off a guy at a time. around half way I started trying to move up, but I was running faster than I have in a long time so it was pretty difficult. at 400 I started trying to go, but was sort of boxed in, when we went through the bell I broke out into the second lane, and dropped a kick like I haven't had in years. I went around about 5 or 6 guys including digging hard to get someone in the final 50. I finished up in 4:45, which I was actually really happy with, I haven't even split 800's on that pace in work outs yet so it was encouraging. I felt awesome kicking on that last lap, it has been so long since I have finished a race with guts like that, and it felt great to give myself a glimpse of the gutsy runner that I used to be.

Sunday-It's Christmas, if Haile doesn't have to run neither do I.

Week Total-35, another week that I haven't run as much as I wanted to, but hopefully next week I get in some more miles.

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