Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week Ending 1/1 + Millenium Mile

Mon-10 miles easy. I ran a nice 10 mile with Abbey. After a nice day off yesterday, we were both moving right along today. Felt great being out there, but got a bit tired toward the end of the run.

Tues-0 planned on running in the morning but wound up with only an hour between programs instead of two.

Wed- 5 miles squeezed in before work with Abbey. Hilly run.

Thurs- 5 miles hill work out with Abbey. We meant to do a little more work out than this but I think we were both feeling lazy. we ran to a hill not far from my parents house and did three repeats on it, the hill is probably a bit short of half a mile. It was a pretty easy work out but at least it went well. Here's my splits. 2:51, 2:39, 2:21 that last one the arms went numb the last 150m or so.

Friday- 0 work all day

Saturday-0 work all day

Sunday-5 Millenium mile. I haven't been down to the millenium mile since my freshman year of college, and it was nice to see they'd moved the registration and race headquarters to the much larger highschool auditorium. Abbey and I came down together and were just hoping to have fun, as neither of us have been doing lots of speed. After registration we saw Najem and Hammett and headed out to start a longer warm up. we got in about a mile and did some stretching before doing another 20 minutes before the race. I was feeling pretty nervous even though I was trying to take a pretty relaxed approach to the race. I got in lots of good strides before the gun went off and ran into some CMS masters in Scott Clark and Tim Cox. The gun went off and I tried to get out, but stay relaxed, I went out around 67 or 68 for the first 400 which I thought was probably a little too fast. I tried to relax on the next 400, and then at 800 Cox went by me so I surged and was able to catch him. When I saw the 3/4 mark I thought I was in good shape and started surging, by the time I passed the 400 meter I would hit the wall and felt like I was dragging it in. Tim Cox went by me with about 200 to go and I just couldn't do anything. I managed a 4:33 and a 19th place finish. I was pretty happy with the race. Great time seeing a bunch of running friends after limited racing over the past couple months.

Week total: 25 I meant to run more, but worked 60 hours in addition to finishing up a bunch of remodeling on the house, so I've been busy and I'm just happy enough to have gotten some runs in and a quality race.

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