Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week Ending 1/29

Monday- Went to the gym and all the treadmills were taken. I had to use the elliptical. I did that for "3 miles" according to the machine, then biked for a while before going swimming. Very slippery out and dark by the time i got out of work, so the gym was the only option.

Tuesday- Hard 6 am. Easy 6 pm Weirs Boulevard from the house. I tried to make this run a little bit harder today, so i just pushed hard enough to make it hurt a little, felt good and the run went by quickly. no watch so I don't know the time, which probably isn't a bad thing. Ran again with Abbey in the evening, just an easy 6 but with some good hard hills.

Wednesday- 5 ran at the UNH track, ran into an old track coach and wound up doing some intervals with him right around 6 minute pace, then doing a set of 4 400's by myself afterwards. the 4's were 73 72 73 72. I didn't realize how hard I ran yesterday, until I started trying to go fast today and felt like bricks. Meant to get a little more running in today, but it was nice to catch up with Coach Green.

Thursday- 8 miles am, 6 miles pm. I ran in the morning by myself down in Durham just nice and easy. In the evening I did another 6 with Abbey and Tucker. Slipped on some ice at one point, and slid straight out on my back. I was lucky to take most of it on my elbow, rather than my hip or head.

Friday- Long day at work, rain when I got home. No run, pussy.

Saturday- Easy 10. Ran in Laconia with Abbey and an old friend Alex Hilson.

Sunday- Hard 6 miles 36:13. Ran Weirs Boulevard, good run with some rolling hills.

Week total- 47 mi in 5 days with one day of cross training. Better week, lets hope I keep it up next week.


  1. Sam here is some motivation the 10m gp race is a month away of you dont get training Abby's gonna smoke you..

  2. Looks like a few solid runs there Sam. Keep the momentum going this month and you'll be ready to roll come Amherst!