Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week Ending 1/15

Monday- 9 miles. Ran a work out on the golf course at the Laconia Country Club with Tucker and Abbey. Decided on a loop that felt like about 900 meters we did 5 repeats I was 3:12, 3:16 (opposite direction), 3:12, 3:07, 3:02. The work out felt pretty good, I was working good and hard by the end. I know it had to be longer than 800 cause there was no way I was going slower than 5:40 pace.

Tuesday- 5 miles. Ran on the treadmill at the club. I hate those things. After I ran I went downstairs and did some lifting, then went and swam 300 yards. It's so funny how I can run 5 miles and feel like a bum, then I go and swim only 300 yards and my arms are toast afterwards.

Wednesday- 6 miles. At the Country Club with Abbey and Tucker. We were both feeling lazy so we just decided to keep the run short.

Thursday- 0.

Friday- 5 miles. treadmill at the club. Swimming afterwards.



Total 25 miles. Bad week.

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