Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week Ending 1/7

Mon- Easy 10 miles out on the Liberty Hill trails with Abbey and Tucker. Wanted to walk at the beginning of Hoadley Rd, and then decided I needed to toughen up and ran the whole thing good and hard.

Tues- 5 miles. I ran at the gym on a treadmill for the first time in ages. We did a few miles on a treadmill in the hotel the night before Cape Cod, but other than that I haven't done any real treadmill running since being at Keene, where I would usually struggle to reach five miles. I got through the 5 miles pretty easily while playing with the pace buttons the whole time. at one point when I turned it up to the top speed of 6 minute pace the treadmill broke down and wouldn't start again so I had to switch to another treadmill. After we finished our run we went downstairs to do some lifting and found more serious treadmills down there. I was happy to find that these ones got down to 5 min pace and were much quieter and solid feeling than the ones upstairs. Did I mention that we just started a trial membership at this gym? Anyway we did a quick core routine and some free weights. About 10 minutes in the weight room and I could definitely feel it the next day.

Wednesday- 9 miles steady. Ran on the Liberty Hill trails with Tucker. I tried to keep myself rolling the whole time on this run, never killing it, never making myself hurt, but I just wanted to be sure that I was going a little quicker. at about 5 miles into this run there is a big hill that doesn't ease up for about a mile, when I got to the top today I decided I should do it again, so I ran down to the bottom and went back up a little harder. It was a good day, but a little cold.

Thursday- 15 miles. I ran the Bay Rd. loop with Scott McGrath. This was pretty tough, mostly cause it was my longest run since the marathon. Also the pace was a little quicker than what I'm used to running with Abbey. Good run, Felt pretty tired from the day before through the early miles, loosened up and felt good for about 3 or four miles, then just started to feel tired for the last 3 or 4 miles. Good long run.

Friday- 7 miles. Ran on the Liberty Hill trails. Went very slow and easy, we had gotten a bit of snow which made it difficult cause it hid the ice. Very sore.

Saturday- 0. worked all day.

Sunday- 11 miles easy with Alex Hilson, Andy Mercer, and Abbey.

Total- 57. This was a good week. Finally.

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