Thursday, February 2, 2012

Running Week Ending 2/5

Mon-9 miles easy with Abbey. Ran out to Governors Island and looped around and back.

Tues- 0 just didn't feel like getting up to run before work.

Wed-5 Ran at the UNH track after class. Warmed up for a bit, then did a mile in 5:19 and 2 800's at 2:38 pace. Short warm up cause I had to rush back to get my car before my permit expired.

Thurs- 15 with Scotty McGrath. felt good, ran about 1:42 so it was a pretty good effort. We did this run a few weeks ago and I fell apart at about 11 or 12 making the last 3 or 4 pretty tough. This week everything felt great, and I was able to run strong to the end.

Fri- 7.5 easy with Abbey. Explored some snowmobile trails near the house. Fun run, nice and easy.

Sat- 4 miles. I went to the winter wild uphill race at Ragged Mountain today. Boy was it tough. The first mile was straight up the mountain, I ran for the first 400 meters and found myself in second place with a decent gap on everyone else. When I hit the first steep section I was walking, and it was hard to get going again. Pretty much the whole way up it was run when i could but a lot of hiking up the tough spots. Finally I crested the top of the mountain and turned to go down, and that was a lot of fun, the steep spots you just had to free wheel and hope not to fall. About half way down I got past by Brian Lavoie on nordic skis who's name I recognize from some races, I guess he has been winning most of these races though. I was pretty jealous to see him zoom by me without working on those skis, but as steep as it was I would have been shitting my pants trying to go that fast on nordic skis anyway. I maintained third place to the finish. It was a really fun race, and I felt really fit. It feels like even with a couple down weeks I'm starting to build some pretty good fitness which is encouraging.

On another note, does anyone have any experience with capsulitis of the second toe? It seems that this is what i have going on with my toe right now, I guess the tendons in the knuckle of the toe become inflamed and cause pressure on the joint capsule between your phalanges and metatarsals. Anyway it's not super painful, but it does get pretty sore. It hasn't been interfering with my running, but it's getting to the point where I'm wondering if I'm doing harm to it by continuing to train.

Sun- 0 went riding at Attitash all day. I am good and sore from it though, so it couldn't have been too much of a loss.

Total- 40 miles. Not a horrible week I should have run more, but it's better than 25. 


  1. damn man...Nice week you got going here...Keep it rolling!!