Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week Ending 2/12

Mon-11 mi. easy 78 minutes. This run was half on trails half on roads. The trails were a little slippery and slow, but on the roads I was fighting to hold myself back. I feel bad taking a day off, but gosh I love that feeling of not being able to slow yourself down the next day.

Tues- 9 mi. work out 5x1 mile, 5:53 5:47 5:41 5:47 5:53 90 seconds rest. I did this back and forth on a rolling 1 mile stretch from the house. The first one I was still a bit tight then I started to loosen up, after the 5:41 I felt like I was pushing too hard, so I tried to make sure I was running good and hard, but tried to hold back a bit more. mile and a half cool down. Good work out, I felt good, even though I really didn't wanna go out and do it after a long day at work.

Wed- 7 mi easy. I ran out on the liberty hill trails, taking it pretty slow with all the ice and poor footing. The first and last mile of my run was pretty much all ice, and a little bit treacherous as it's a good size hill. the rest of the run was pretty much ok for the most part. It was a nice easy day.

Thurs- 4 miles easy. Just a token run squeezed in when I got home from class. Really didn't wanna get out, but 4 miles is certainly better than 0.

In other news my toe is feeling much better, I'm not even feeling it anymore, and the swelling at the base of the toe has gone down considerably.

Fri- 6 am, 4 pm. Just easy running both runs, felt good.

Sat- 10 miles am, I ran nice and easy with my buddy Alex Hilson about 76 minutes.

Sun-0 I meant to run today, but with it being so cold, I decided to put it off and just run 6 after work. Well Abbey's parents invited us over for lobster and steak, and as would be expected that won out over going for a run. not too bad as it's  been a good week for me.

Week Total- 51 miles. I got one good work out in trying to dial into that 5:50 pace for Amherst coming up, lots of good milage, legs are feeling good. I'm gonna try and run a couple more weeks right at 50 and then bump it up for again after DH Jones.


  1. Solid workout on Tuesday! Keep the momentum rolling man, want to run sometime next week in Durham or Newburyport?

  2. Nice job touching out some of the runs. See ya at DH Jones!