Thursday, February 23, 2012

Running Week Ending 2-26

Mon- 8 miles easy. 59 minutes.
Ran easy on the "Sweet Trail" down in Durham today and it was very sweet, a nice relaxing run. Pushed a little too hard in some spots, but some places were too icy to go fast, so I got in some recovery.

Tues- 0
Long day and I forgot my lunch at home, so I was just way too hungry to put off dinner by the time I got home this day.

Wed- 4
Headed out on the sweet trail and began having some very painful shin pain, I'm pretty sure it was just muscle cause it radiated up and down my shin, but it didn't feel good to run on so I turned around and headed back.

Thurs-8 mile tempo 48 minutes w/ 5x3min pickups 2 min rest
Ran this 8 mile loop I figured out down in Durham off Bay rd. I start out on the sweet trail, take that to Dame rd. and run back to Bay rd to the sweet trail parking lot. Not quite sure it's 8 miles, but last time it was about 57 minutes and this time I ran it in 48 minutes trying to tempo so I'm pretty sure it's just about right on. The goal of this run was to go comfortably fast the whole time, and then uncomfortably fast on the pick ups. Lengthening the intervals made this a little harder than a good old KSC 30,60,90 but everything else about it was the same. Good run.

Friday- 7 easy.
Ran a nice easy 7 miles in the snow. Felt good, found a trail that came back and popped out about a quarter of a mile from the house. I Had no idea I could get into the trail so close to home, we'd been running about a mile and a half down the road to get into these trails. Good night.

Saturday-4 easy.
Just a nice run with Abbey and Tucker out in the new snow that fell. We have been exploring these trails near the house, and we are just finding more and more stuff out there. Today we took another trail that brought us out to a huge field looking out over lake Winnipesaukee. I was wishing I'd had more time and no 10 miler tomorrow so that we could have kept exploring today. It was beautiful blue skies out there today, but with a nice fresh layer of snow, gorgeous!

Sunday-11 hard. DH Jones 10 miler 59:42
Ok race, I'm gonna work on a race report in a bit. Tough course!

Week Total: 41 miles, bit of a low week, decent race. I need to bump up the milage.

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