Thursday, February 16, 2012

Running Week Ending 2/19

Monday-4 miles

I meant to get a good work out on the UNH track this day, I was planning for 5x800 with 90 seconds rest and a long cool down, but wound up doing something to my calf and barely being able to walk the cool down. I started off the work out well, running 2:29 2:27 and then on the third one I fell asleep for a couple laps, then tried to kick the last one and I think somewhere in that lap I pulled something in my calf, I finished up in 2:33 and then my whole calf tightened up to the point I could hardly walk with out pain, and one spot in my outer gastroc had a painful burning sensation. Obviously I gave up on the work out and went ahead and put on my trainers and tried to see if I could do a cool down. I couldn't run so I just walked the lap and went down and got changed. The calf was really painful for the next half hour or so, but I had a bunch of things to do on the campus, so with all that walking it loosened up after a while, and didn't really bother me anymore, except that spot that had been burning, was sore to the touch later that night.

Tues- 0

My calf was still tight and I was apprehensive to run on it, because I've never had anything like that happen before.

Wed- 14

Turns out the calf is just fine, as I didn't have any problems at all on this long easy run with Abbey last night. We went out on what would have been an 11 mile run, which is what we wanted. but while we were out there I was adding up the distance of this 7 mile loop, and how far out we ran out to get to the loop, and forgot to add going back from the loop. So I convince myself it's only 9 and that we need to add on more to make it 11 or 12, So we do this extra loop, and then we get back to the highschool and realize that we've already run about 10 miles and still have 4 to get home. I suppose there's nothing wrong with tricking yourself into an extra three miles after a day off though right?

Thurs- 10 miles. Workout-3x2mi at tempo pace. 11:35, 11:38, 11:31 800 rest.

Tough work out. This was my first time ever doing longer repeats like this. After getting out of class it was so warm down in Durham last night, and the track was clear so I decided to go ahead and get a work out in while I could. The first one was pretty difficult, I felt like I was working really hard the entire time, the next one felt good for the first half and then got harder, I was going to do some 200 strides after the second repeat, but as I finished up the 800 rest I decided I'd be better off doing one more 2 mile repeat. This one felt really good, I was clipping off the laps, and felt pretty good until about 2000 meters, when I had to start working to stay on pace. This was a good work out, and encouraging for the 10 miler in a couple weeks.

Fri-6 easy

Ran easy with Abbey resting up a bit for this weekend.


Meant to get in a shake out run today but I wound up getting a lot of other stuff done instead.

Sun-11 and two races. 4:40 mile (5 second seasonal PR) and a shitty 3k that I don't really wanna talk about.

I went down to the USATFNE track champs. I got down in time to watch heat 2 of the mens 5k and watch my CMS buddies getting after it. After they finished Abbey and I went for a nice run down on the river for a warm up before I raced the mile. The race went ok, I got out a little fast, about 68 through 400. I tried to stay relaxed through the first 800 and then started getting a little more aggressive. I kept trying to get around this one guy from GBTC on the straights but he would hold me off, and I was getting pissed at wasting all this energy trying to go around him time and time again. finally with 400 to go I went by on the inside and sorta bumped him outta my way right before the corner. Once he was outta my way i was able to pick off a couple more guys over those two laps, and finished with a 4:40. That's 5 seconds better than where I was a couple months ago for the mile, so I was ok with it. After crossing the line I was a bit bummed because I think I could have kicked a little harder that last 200 and maybe have gotten under 4:40, but I didn't. The 4:40 wasn't bad though, I might try and get in a 1500 this outdoor season to see if I can bring that down a little more.

After the mile I got in a nice cool down with Dave Dunham, as he warmed up for the masters 800. I had the 3k next which I was kicking myself for signing up for, I should have known I wouldn't wanna race that after the mile, but I did it anyway. It sucked I ran 10:02 in no man's land feeling bad for myself the whole way, and racing like a wuss. It was still a good work out, and I'm glad I got it in just for

Total- 45 miles. Not quite as much as I wanted, but I had a couple days off in there, and a couple good work outs so nothing to complain about.

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