Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Running week ending 11/13



Wed- 6 miles easy. This was my first real run since the marathon. Everything felt great, but around two miles in my hip flexor became really sore while running up a longer hill. I stopped and took some time to stretch, but found that I don't know a single stretch for my hip flexor. I guess it's never been sore before either though. Anyway I kept running, and felt pretty good besides the hip. I felt that for the rest of the run and by the finish I felt like I couldn't walk again. Feels better now an hour later though, so we will see how tomorrow goes.
The ridge running to the left off the peak of Osceola

Thurs-0 I meant to run this day but wound up staying late at work and just not having time.

Fri- 0 running miles. I went for a hike with my brother and sister today since they both had the day off from school. We hiked Mt. Osceola, it was the first time I'd hiked that in about seven years and I had completely forgotten how great the view was. On the way down it began to snow/hail. It wasn't ice but the snow was falling in balls rather than snowflakes so it was coming straight down like rain and piling up very quickly. It was a great hike and it'd been a while since I'd gotten out with these two.

Sat- 0


OK this week sucked for running. Early in the week I figured I had a whole week to run and so I didn't stress about getting runs in especially because Abbey was waiting 10 days from the marathon to start up again. Then I had three days that I ended up working unexpected doubles which made it impossible for me to get my runs in. I know that I would have had another 20 miles this week if it weren't for work, but I am getting nervous that if I don't get my ass moving next week, that I'll wind up taking the whole winter off again. I can not do this, starting from scratch every spring makes me look and feel like an idiot, so here's hoping next week goes much better.

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