Monday, November 14, 2011

Running week ending 11/20

Mon-7 miles am, 4.5 miles pm
I was feeling very well rested today on my morning run, I couldn't really help but run fast it just felt so good being out there. The hip was causing me a bit of trouble on the hills still, but definitely feels better than last week. I knew I probably shouldn't have run the evening run, but I had told Abbey I would. Subsequently I'm writing this with an ice pack on my hip. It was a nice run though. We looped around downtown Laconia for a while and enjoyed the reactions of the people we saw on the street. Apparently people running with head lamps are weird.

Tues- 0

Wed- easy 6.5, 46:09, hip was nothing but a twinge.

Thurs- 7 miles, I was doing a 1.4 mile trail loop with a good hill, the first lap was easy then the 2nd and 3rd lap I did pretty hard, going 17:51 for the hard laps. on my third lap I got a little over excited on the hill and aggravated my hip again. It was tight for the rest of the run and I'm mad at myself for not being able to just relax and let that heal. I felt good enough to run another 2.5 easy though. All in all not a bad day.

Fri- 9 mi easy. I ran the liberty hill 7. This is a tough hilly loop out on class VI roads. The run starts at the top of liberty and rolls it's way to the bottom up and down over four miles. You have a stretch of flat easy road and then you turn back onto trail and you're facing a two mile climb back to the top of liberty hill. I thought I'd give a full description of this loop because it's one of my favorite runs. This is usually a 7 mile run but I must have lost my key jumping over a puddle. Luckily Abbey's office was only two miles away so I was able to run there and grab her car to go get my spare. I was somewhat happy to be forced into another couple miles. My running has been feeling great, but I know it's only one week so we'll see how things go the next couple weeks.

Sat- 0

Sun- 6 miles easy. Felt nice and relaxed, ran with a bunch of guys from highschool xc. It was a fun run catching up with everyone.

Week Total- 40 miles in five days. This was a good week, I felt very fresh and have just been loving being out there. Lets hope I can keep it rolling for a while.


  1. Sam glad to see the blog is up and going again.

  2. good got some fast PR's...I didn't know that...nice

  3. Nice week man, good to see you taking some days off and letting that hip get back to normal.

  4. Kevin, most of those pr's are from 06' and 07'. I'm not sure they really count anymore. We'll see what happens with some consistent training though.