Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seacoast Rotary Turkey Trot 5k

I ran this race last year too, it's got a good course, (the thunder chicken course), and they have a discount for signing up in groups of four. Plus, they always have boxes and boxes of clif product to get rid of after the awards. I have more clif gel than I know what to do with now, and I'm still using clif bloks I got from there last year. Maybe now I can get myself to be able to keep the gel down before my next marathon. When we got down there we met up with Jeff Goupil and went out for a warm up. I was excited to race, because I've been feeling good.
   Lining up I recognized Andrew Heubner who won Saunders 10k this summer and knew that the win would probably be out of the question. I was still hoping for a top 3 finish and planned to go out with the lead pack. It was pretty cold out there, and I was shocked at how stiff my legs felt coming off the line. I felt like I was struggling to get them moving at all.  I went through the mile at 5:29, and was starting to feel warmed up. I pushed hard for the second mile, I was running with Myles Richardson for most of the second mile and was doing a lot of surging, as I would fall off a bit, surge up past him, fall off again, surge by and so on. I did this for pretty much the whole second mile and thought I was going quite a bit faster, but that was only a 5:40. I was pretty much ready to mail it in when I saw the 5:40 second mile and I must have started to because Myles put a pretty big gap on me before I woke up and started racing again. I was pushing hard to try and close the gap to 3rd place and managed to run a 5:20 for my 3rd mile. I'm not sure if that second mile was long, and the last mile short though because my second mile really felt faster. I finished up 4th  in 17:07 which I wasn't really happy with, but I ran hard and it's my first race since the marathon so I'm OK with it.
    All in all it was a fun day, Abbey ran an 18:30 for the win, and our 4 person discount team, which was Abbey myself and her parents, won the team competition. We got a big box of stuff which included an electronic gravy warmer, and a huge thing of lindt chocolates. What a fun thanksgiving morning!

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